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Condolence letters re: death of Leland Stanford: St - Sw includes Stanford family (Jane E. Stanford, Thomas Welton Stanford, and others), Stanford Faculty, Horatio Stebbin (Tel.), John N. Stewart, Clara Stoltenberg, and Joseph Swain

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Untitled Page 46

be inspired and sustained by the loved ones who have gone before and by the consciousness of the blessings you are conferring upon the living and those who are to come after. I shall never forget the kindness and generosity of Senator Stanford to me personally, and it will always be my grateful duty to aid his carrying out every wish or desire he may have expressed - I deeply sympathise with you in your great sorrow and hope you will feel at liberty at all times to call on me for my services I can render to aid you in any way whatever.

Yours most sincerely

Wm M Stewart

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