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Condolence letters re: death of Leland Stanford: Bl - Br includes Jas. G. Blaine, Jr. (Tel.), Henry W. Blair, John Bonness, J.H.C. Bonté, F.O. Boyd, and John Boyd

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Berkeley, June 21st, 1893.

Mrs. Leland Stanford.

Kind Friend

Your loving husband, the friend and benefactor of man, the statesman, the brave good man, Leland Stanford, has been taken home to his Fathers House. Those left behind, who knew him and his noble work, grieve as if they had lost a personal friend, and you who shared his struggles and successes must indeed be lonesome though there is but a thin partition of air between you and the departed.

I can only say, from my heart - God be with you and comfort you.

At present we must be content with the fact that he now liveth as he never lived before - in the abundant life beyond.

With profound sympathy for you in this temporary separation from your husband and son.

I remain your friend

JHC Bonté

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