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Monday June  6, 1921

Monday June 6, 1921

A good day. I am at Bennetts to day. Lony & Earl are replanting tobacco. Alma is working on a dress for Bessie Shelhorse. Lizzie had English peas for dinner the firs that I have seen this year. Gordon come this morning and brough his baby. Lizzie & Alma kept it until twelve oclock. Well I do wish I could know how they are getting on at home. I do hope that Mabel is better off by now.

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Sunday July 10, 1921

Sunday July 10, 1921

A good day. No rain last night to do any good.

We all staid at home until twelve then eat dinner. Ben & family and Julia Brumfield went to Jim Powers. Found them all well. Mrs Car & Miss Bessie Hobson there.

Jim & I went to Marvins. Jim & Marvin walked a bout all the evening. They are so dissaisfied with their crop and cant help themselves. Aubra & Emmet Brumfield was at Marvins this evening. Josie says that Fanny Power & Asa Anderson has come.

nine oclock

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Saturday, December 23, 1922

Saturday, December 23, 1922

A good day. Ben made a dog house & worked on a lounge in the parlor the rest of the day. I boiled a ham to day. I got dinner & churned. Washed the babys cap & two cloaks and ironed some. The mail brought several presents for Josie from Miss Bessie Hobson. Thelma sent things and a box of candy for me. The boys caught a possome to night. They give it to John Ward.

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Tuesday, June 12, 1923

Tuesday, June 12, 1923

A cloudy day and some rain. We have rain enough for now. They finished planted all the land they had fixed up and give some plants away. I am glad that they had them. We had fried chicken for dinner. The children caught them for me. Mr. Mayhew and two of his little boy helped plant some. Mr Les Booker come to Normans for plants. Plants is so hard to get this year. I am writing early to night. I got supper early as it was raining so that they could not work. Edna got a letter from Mrs Bessie Hobson to day. She said that Mary would graduate soon.

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Thursday, July 26, 1923

Thursday, July 26, 1923

A good day. I am at Tim Bennetts. Eat breakfast and dinner here. Then Gorden carried Lizzie and I to Jo Towlers. Found them well and seemed to be doing well. Then went to Billie Bennetts. They were all well but Sister Nan[n]ie. She looks feeble. Jimmie and Bessie was there and Ella and Elender and Lizzie Bennett come to see us. I was glad that I met with them once more. Gordon come for us about sundown. We had a pleasant evening. Lizzie got supper and milked. Gordon milked as she was late.

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