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3 mon more comfor^ta^ble in my health. praise the lord for [Page ripped at top right corner – text lost]
-ness to me, for in thee, O lord, do I hope thou will hea[...]
my god, for I will declare mine iniquity: I will be sorry[...]
this [...] 11 month have now elapsed since Lydia’s death my
affliction: ^is the same^ and it is as fresh as it was at first. for my Dear
children will it always be so. the very thought of remembering
them less ^is imposible^ god has been inexpressibly good to me, In this
Mercy he has raised my dear christian friends that are very dear
to me christian friends are very dear to me I am oblig

March the 4. It is the Sabbath; I am abliged to Stay at home
my health is not good. a nuff ^enough^ to go. what multitudes of persons
in health forsake the worship jehovah in his holy temple

Your Bleeding wounds he bears.
Received on calvary
they pour effectual prayers.
they strongly speak for me.
forgive him, o forgive. they cry
nor let that ransom’d sinner die

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