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Thursday February 7th 1850 Throughout this day Had Light wind from S East and thick hazey [HAZY] weather Ship under all Sail steering SW One Ship in sight steering the Same way saw sever [SEVERAL] spouts supposed to be finbacks People variously employed in the watches the day ends In Lat [LATITUDE] 40..45 S Long [LONGITUDE] 48..50 W

Friday 8th Throughout this day had thick fog and variable wind from S East to North carry all sail steer SW by Sout[H] the watch on deck employed at Sundry Jobs as requd [REQUIRED] This day I considder [CONSIDER] our stweard dangerous[LY] sick the day ends In Lat [LATITUDE] 41..20 Long [LONGITUDE] 50..00

Saturday 9th Began with Light wind from N East and cloudy Ship under all sail steering SW Middle part rather squally Last part nearly Calm one Ship In sight all hands Employed Stowing Down our Sperm Oil 72 Barrels In the fore Hatch In Lat [LATITUDE] 42..45 Long [LONGITUDE] 50..55

Sunday 10th The day Began fair and light wind from N East finished stowing down at 3 Oc [O'CLOCK] PM and then had strong wind from North and hard Rain Middle part hazey [HAZY] heavy weather weather from WSW Latter part the Same stand to the Southward and Carry all prudent sail In Lat [LATITUDE] 43..45 Long [LONGITUDE] 50..58

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