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August torn page [illegible]
September torn page, underneath, remarks on board Monday torn page
October torn page, underneath, fine light breeses from torn page
November torn page, underneth, [illegible]SE by E torn page
December torn page underneath, SSW later part torn page
Febuary torn page, underneath, saw some dolphins E torn page
March torn page, underneth, so ends these 24 hours torn page

April 15 torn pageunderneath, Latt Dep Latt in Dlong torn page
Torn page 24 79 34.14 93
Torn page, underneath, On board Tuesday Augus 29 torn page
Torn page, underneath light airs & pleasant fresh torn page
Torn page, underneath, sperm whale at 4 PM
Torn page, underneath, way struck & killed one at torn page
Torn page, undeerneath, took her along side & took in sail
Auguste torn page, underneath, part light breeses with squalls of [illegible]
Oct torn page, underneath, [illegible] at 4 AM began to send [illegible]
N torn page[illegible] at 9 began to cut & fire [illegible]
De torn page, underneath, nothing so ends these 24 hours

Course Dist DLatt Dep Latt in DLong
24 oo 24 34.14 95
A torn page, underneath, part fine light [illegible]
Torn page, underneath, past 10 finished torn page
Torn page, underneath, part fine torn page
Torn page, underneath, & second SEbyE torn page
Torn page , underneath, ,[illegible]

Torn page, underneath, DLatt Dep Latt in torn page
Torn page, underneath, 10 61 34.14 torn page


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 Barbara Schwartz

This page is confusing as a torn page is scanned over a completed page with transcribed lines going from one page to the next. The previous two pages are just corners of a page and not transcribed. These pages would have contained the 2 log pages for the beginning of the voyage. This means that the voyage began August 16, 1820.