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Journal of a voyage from Sag
Remarks On Monday October 30 AD 1820
First part fresh breeses from SSW
Steard SE Middle part more moderate
Latter light breeses from ESE saw whales struck
& killed 2 sunk one & took 1 along side & put
up the Cutting [] & began to cut []
[] green water no Observation

Remarks On Tuesday October 31 AD 1820
First part light breeses from East saw
a plenty of whales struck 2 & killed One
at dark took him along side at 9 lighted
the try works Middle & Latter part fresh
winds from East NE and 7 AM began to Cut at 11
finished and lighted the tryworks so ends 24 hours
fresh gales saw 1 whale Latt by [] 36.06

Remarks On board Wednesday November 1 AD 1820
These 24 hours commences with fresh gales
from NNE & cloudy saw 1 or 2 whales Middle
part fresh winds from North Latter part fresh
breeses from SSW & SW employd in trying so
Ends green water Latt by [] 36.36

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