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Latt harbor to the coast of Patagonia
Remarks on board Thursday November 2nd AD 1820
These 24 hours begin with fresh winds from SSW
& clouday at 6 saw a number of whales Middle
front winds from ESE trades SSW saw 1 [] whale
began to slow down in the fore hole Employed
in boiling [ ] 35 59

Remarks on Friday November 3rd AD 1820
These 24 hours begin with light winds from SE &
hazy at 3 pm set the foresail & saw some
whales finished stowing down 70 bbls in the fore
hole Middle part fresh breeses fro E headedSSE
at 4 AM finished trying Latter part light
breeses from ENE steard SE saw some finbacks
Employed in fiting craft so ends Latt []

Remarks on Satufday November 4th AD 1820
These 24 houses beginswith fresh breeses from E
steard SSE saw some finback Middle part
light winds from East Latter part fresh winds
from ESE saw somesperm whale chased the
[ ] Employed in ships
duties so ends these 24 hoursLatt 37.44 Lat

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