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for Right Whales and Sperm
Remarks on board Saturday December 2th AD 1820
These 24 hours begins with fresh breeses from
WSW saw a plenty of finbacks& some right
Whales shasd them but they [] very wind &
ship in sight Middle part light breeses from
South Latter partlight breeses from West saw
whales struck & killed one at 9 took her along side
& began to cut at 12 paused & lighted the tryworks
so ends these 24 hours Latt by Observation 38.18

Remarks on hand Sunday December 3thAD 1820
These 24 hours begins with light breeses from
SE saw whale struck & cut her aspooting blood
& cut from her at 9 the wind blad one handed
the fore sail Middle part fresh gale from South
Latter part fresh winds from SSE saw []
finbacks Employed in boiling so end no Observstion

Remarks on board Mondsy December 4thAD 1820
These 24 hours begins with light winds & a bad sea
saw 2 right whales struck & killed one sank her
Middle part light airs fro Southward Latter
light breeses from West saw aa whale
struck & killed her a half past One took her
along side no Observation so ends 24 hours

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