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The Main One
Remarks on board Thursday February 8th AD 1821
These 24 hours begins with fresh gales from NW
Middle part strond gales from North West at 9 took in
the fore sail & close reafed topsail at 11 banded
the main topsail Latter part now moderate
& set the topsail at 11 the wind shifted to the westward
move ship & took in the topsail & hove to so ends Obs

Remarks On board Friday February 9th AD 1821
These 24 hours begins with strong hales fro WSW
at 1 PM took in the main topsail Middle part fresh
gales Latter part more moderate at 5 PM set the
main topsail & fore sail at 7 set the topsails & at
10 set the maisail Employed in ships duties
the wind SSW blue water no observations

Remarks O board Saturay Feburary 10th AD 1621
These 24 hours begins with fine breses from
South steard WSW saw a whale Middle part
light breses from SSE Latter part light brese
saw a ship to westward at 10 spoke to the []
Capt -unker with 1700blls had bluewater
[]] from Capt Post & Gardiner in December had
Post 800 by 1800 saw no whales Latt 37.30 so ends

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