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Sr Peter Killigrewe - 80£i



By vertue of an Ordinance of both Howses of
Parliament of the xxjth daie of September. 1643.
And in pursuance of an Order of the Commons Howse
of the xxviijth daie of Januarie last. these are to
will & require you Out of such threasure as now is,
or shall be remaninge in your hands, to Paie unto Sr
Peter Killagrewe knight the Sume of Fowerscoure
pounds for his paines & charges for sundrie Journies by
him performed upon Messuages he hath bein imployed
in from both Howses of Parliament unto Oxford &
Uxbridge. And for soe doeing this together with
his Acquittance for the Receipt of the sume
shall be your Warrant & discharge; And alsoe
to the Auditor generall, or any other Officer of the
Revenue whom it may Concerne to Allowe and
Passe the same in your Accompte. Dated at
the Committee for his Maties Revenue sitting at
Westminster the fourth daie of March. 1644.

John Trenchard Henry: Mildmay:
Denis Bond F Rous

To our Loving freind thomas Fauconbridge Esq
Receivor generall of the Revenue.

Sr Peter Killagrewe