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To Make Angelet Cheese:

Take a galland of new milk & quart of
creame, warm the Creame & put it together & so
put about a spoonfull of renet into it let not the
creame be ^so hot when it is come set the vate upon a
trencher having laid a clean cloth upon the tren=
cher first, do not break the curd at all but with a
little dish put it in the vate putting a cloth in the
vate till it sinks which will be an hour after it is all
in then lay a foller then gently turn it three times a
day the first turning 1 pound weight upon the foller
the second turn 2 pound the last 3 pound, the fourth day
make a brine that will bear an egg then slip the cheese out
of the vate into the brine then keep it down with yoer finger
half an hour then set it in a Sunny windo covering
it with a dry as Cloth & turn it twice a day and then let
it dry as other Cheeses. How to pickle Purslin

Gather youer Purslin cut of the leaves cut it in pie=
=ces throw thye bigest from the least take some water
and salt & boyle it in, then put it in a sife then boyle the
smaler by it self till it is tender for the pickle one
part water & vinegar whole peper cloves & mace &
a little lump of alum:

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