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The oyntment of fox gloves for the kings

take fox glove flowers, to a peck of them 4
pound of Butter new out of the churne before
ever any watter or salt has come upon it,
and very free from the milk - beate the
flowers to the consistence of a thick poultes
& make it up with ye butter as you doe other
salves that are made with butter
when yu use it you must melt it in a
saucer, & anoint the sore with the thinnest
of it with a fether, & lay some of the thickest of
it upon a linnin Ragg upon the sore as far as
it is sore & Red Red doe this morning & night, but
never change the rag as long as it will
hold only scrape of the dry when you lay on
fresh this has cured the Evill when there
has bin eleven sores betweene ye wrist & Elbow
the nature of this oyntment is such, as will
draw the venome out of the part soe as
many times the sores will seeme worse then
before but when it has drawne out the venome
it will heale it - therefore lay it all over the
sore, & soe far beyond as it is red and and
sweld tho the swelling bee white only
this has cured very sad sore leggs both
in men [wer...] sv [Bag....]

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