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Folio page 186v, Scribe's page 402

To make Clear Leaman Cream;
Mrs. F LavingtonThis attribution appears in the same hand in the left margin.
Squees the juice of 4 large leamans [...]
[...]These words appear heavily deleted.*about half apound of finesugar beat, This interlinear insertion appears in the left margin. of the finest loaf sugar, & 84 or 9 spoonfuls
of fair water, [...]; then
Let it ouer a Clear Charcoal fier til the Sugar bee
all melted; then haue ready the white of eggs
beaten & put them in; stir all together and
run it gently through a Jealy bag, then set
it ouer the fier again stirring it continualy
one way, & so soon as you perseaue it Grow
thik take it ofe imediatly, if you like it
put in one Spoonfull of Orang flowr or
amber water Stirring it round one way til it
bee Cool then put it in the dish with Leaman
peel boild & Cut Smale betwixt.

To make an Orange puding.
Mrs Havington:0This attribution appears in the same hand in the left margin.
Take the rhind of an Orang or too put uery
thik boil them til they bee uery tender, and
Sum of the like ones out, then dry them in a Cloth
& beat them in a flan mas[her], with the yolkes
of 8 eggs, a quarter of a pound of loaf Sugar,
& a quarter of a pound of butter, beat all
these about an hour til it bee like puding fluf
then bake it in a quick ouen, with a leafe of
[Puef] Past under & ouer it, as it lies in the dish;
if you Cut the piel uery smale as it [s]aw before
you beat it & so put it in, it wil bee much
the better;

Folio page 187r, Scribe's page 403

To make Cherry wine Currant, apricot or plumb wine.
La Turner:This attribution appears in the same hand in the margin.
take your Cherrys as many as you please, slice
off the stalks & put them into a high earthen pot,
with your hand mash them all, then pour on
them boiled water as much as you guess is one
part of three let it stand til the next morning
uncouered, then pour it into a thik Canvas strainer
& put it betwix a Jely press or a Clean Chees press,
til you have pressed out all the liquor, then sweeten
it to your tast & to 6 Galons of liquor put in a
pint of fresh rasberry juice, then run it through
a double Tely bag (you must beat the yolk of an
egg with three or Spoonfuls of milke, pour it into
your Jealy bag & run it round with your hand to
thicken it,) run it through til it bee uery Clear
& so put it up in bottles, Currant wine whit or
red is made the Same way, Omiting the juice of
rasberys, & so is Apricock or plumb, if you would
have your Cherry wine to keepe your mush break too
handful of the stones & squees them in.

To make goosberry Wine.
La Turner:This attribution appears in the same hand in the margin.
Take 3 quarts of whit Cristal Goosberrys ripe, put
them into you pot one by one, & Crack euery one as you
put them in, then pour upon them a Galon of boiling
water, let it stand uncouered all that day & all
night, then pour them into a Canvas Strainer and
hang them up to run pressing the bag gently with
your hand for fear of the thik coming through, sweeten
it to your tast, & run it through a Bealy bag uery
Clear & so bottle it up, this is for the [pale], but
for the [base] you must put the water Could to the
Goosberrys, Couer it & Let it in the ouen after [brown]
bread let it stand whil the ouen is warme then dooas before

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This page was originally transcribed by Ian Faith as part of an EMROC transcription project in 2013 at The University of Akron.