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on Satturday an embargo was
sent to the Custome house for the porte of London
and its beleived the same is ordered to all other
ports in the kingdom
Sir Robert Holme Governor of
the Isle of wight being dead the Lord [marquess]
of Winchester stands ffairest to succeed him
in that Government
A Large mine of salt is discovered
in yorkshire of 3 miles in Lenght & 30 yards
deep 16 foote under the surface of the earth
and answers all the ends of new Castle and
other forts being sufficient to supply the kingdom
of England 100 yeares and Lying near to sea
will become Cheape and serviceable to the nation
On Sunday after noone when her
Maiesty was at Chappell there happened a dreadfull
fire in the marquess of Wimbleden Lodgings
in whitehall occasioned by a Coper whose ffunell
goeing into a nother Chimney that was stored
with Coales mantle tree high tooke fire having
been enkindled some dayes but sir Xtopher Ren
and the masters of the worke being sent for
happily extinguished the same
A Bill is preparing to pass
into a Law the next parliament: to prevent rob=

bery on the highway as alsoe Chippers and
Coyners and one one of the methods is that
the King dispence with his perogatiue that
any such person that shall be convicted for
the same be never pardon but left to the full
execucion of the Law
Yesterday was held a Courte of
Virge in westminster hall where the firm of
Mr Webb Game keeper of St James Parke was
tryed for shooting and wounding aboy last winter
upon the lettre on the [Carmalt] and it being

so enraged the prisoner that he flung at the other a paire of Garden sheers which stuck in his
side of which wounde he died but it being proued that there was no prepence malice he
was found only Guilty of manslaughter and he gaue baile to be here after burnt in the
hand - The Letters from Edinburgh further advise that 2 whaler more were Cast on shoare on
the scoth coast one them with 9 miles of Edinburgh the other at Aberdeen - [dr oates]

proved he gave little or no provocacion the
prisoner was found Guilty and fined 40 marke
by order of the Courte
Edinburgh the 26 instant
a ffrench man of war of 82 Gunes has stored
the Bass Island with 3 months provision & taken
2 shipps on the Coast and putting out English
Colures came before Berwich Castle & saluted
it with 5 Gunes and was answered by 3 and
then gave a Gunes for thanks and making
a whaft 2 boates came to him who supplyed
him with what he wanted and then he
discovered himselfe to be a ffrench man saying he
would acquaint King James how Civilly they
used and [Comply] in him and soe put to sea

I have just now perused a
Letter from Berwich which says that
the ffrench man of war afore mencioned
pretended to be the mordant ffrigott the
Captain and men being English scoth and
Irish having [lately] hunge Iames [Comsron]
and after the Governor of Berwich
had furnished them with 10 fatt sheepe
and other ffresh provision while he sent
the Captain in boates he sent the men
back to acquainte the Governor that
if there were any shipps bound for
London he would Convoy into the River
upon which 6 vessels [....... to] him
and when they were off at sea he sent
a few hands in a Long boate to acquaint
the Governor that he would see the said vessels
safe in dunkirke harbour

an order is affixed on the doore of the navy office prohibiting the buying any seamen
[trinkette] - [warrants] are out to seize sir James Mongomery and the Lord of - being
disaffected person - yesterday one Bradly was tryed at the Courte of verge at westminster for killing
one walker his fellow gardener in the parke of Devon Grounde but it being proued that the
deceased gave the first provocacion on wounding him in the head with an iron rake which

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Sir Robert Holmes is recorded as dying 6 weeks later ! see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Holmes_(Royal_Navy_officer)

Lucio Alvarez

mantle tree = mantle-tree
I can't find a definition of 'Coper' that fits its use here. Maybe a stove made of copper?


Yes to both, I agree. My grandmother still had a "wash copper" in an outhouse https://www.1900s.org.uk/copper-water-heater.htm