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Year 1568

On Thursday the 8th of January three people who were Aloson la Villa's stewards were hung. Aloson himself had left for Castille. The third one was hung in the afternoon, and during the night the three of them were cut up. The following day Friday, two of them had their heads cut off: Barthasal Perez and his younger brother don Pedro.

On Sunday the 23rd of January don Francisco Ximenez returned. The following day there was a fervent mass at the church. On the 9th of February Aloso la Vila's house began to be destroyed.

On the Wednesday, the 3rd of March, having already been marked with ash at the Tepeyaca, don Caston de Pelalda the Viceroy set out.

11 Tecpatl

On Saturday the 20th of March the Judge Alonso Callena went to Castille [unsure about the rest]

On Wednesday the 2nd of July the canal to Totoltepec began to be dug up.

On Thursday the 13th of May, at sunset, the mayors were replaced. The mayors don Diego de Tuhual and Joan Garcia took power.

On Monday the 20th of September, the visitor set out to greet the kings (reges?) that had justs arrived. In the evening Pedro Calixto set out.

On Friday the 10th of December, doctor Ceynos passed away. He was buried in San Francisco.

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