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Western Litho. Co. Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Creamery Co.

Main Office 1120-1198 Towne Ave. Los Angeles, Cal.

Wholesalers and Retailers of all Dairy Products

Milk - Butter - Cream and Ice Cream

Main 7724 Home 10753

Los Angeles, Cal. ___, 191_

Dear Sir:-

Last month we adopted a new method of showing the sediments in the milk received from our patrons, by straining a pint through a cotton disk. This disk is mounted on celluloid, showing at a glance, the amount of dirt in the milk, or, in other words, the care which has been taken in its production up to the time it is received by us. Our trial of this system has been so satisfactory that we have decided to continue it, and are enclosing you, again, a test of your milk taken this month. You will notice the grade written across the face of the disk.

When your milk grades #1, it will show the highest standard of excellence, #2 is good, #3 only fair, while #4 shows very poor handling of the milk. Grade #5 denotes that it is high time that you adopt a different method in caring for your milk.

We do not expect that all of our patrons can ship us a grade #1 milk, but it should be the aim of all to at least reach a #2 grade. We notice that several have raised their grades since last month, and we hope that you are one of these who have profited by this knowledge.

Kindly remember that this is not a censor on our part of the condition, but a desire to acquaint you with the facts as they exist, and to enable you to assist us in having clean, pure, milk supply. As you think this over, we feel sure you will agree with us in that we cannot hope to obtain the highest market price without producing the best goods.

Cordially yours,

Los Angeles Creamery Company.

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