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& Aunt [?] one each. I think more favorable of Cal. now than before, & hope some time to see it, & perhaps locate there. I am still paying on our place here, so I havent got any money to invest, if I had I dont know of anything better that I would like to invest in than some real estate out there. I dont think John would invest as he isent inclined to be an investor, & never speculates.

Edith about Aunt Marys estate - what little each one of us get I dont think will amount to verry much. I dont know but I think if each gets a hundred or $150.00 at the most we will do well, & you are the one to be Jack's administrater. I havent heard much about it, only what Amy has told me, & I dont think we will until it comes for the estate to be divided up - after farm is sold.

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