Tues. Noon 27 July, Not for Suhls To Read

Dearest Sis and Mom n' Pop: A hurried note for Coop to take back w/him. Just finished a fresh blueberry tart made by me last nite and berries picked at Lake Blodgett when Coop and Bob took a new trail to a different stream to fish, no fish, but caps loaded w/blueberries on return (and no bears to chase away from the patch!). Never made one in my life, but used a reg. berry pie recipe and added more sugar, still purty tart, but good. Wanted to make jelly of the qt. or so of berries, but Coop wanted a blueberry pie, so he will eat pie for a week!

Would be on my way home now and would love it, but trying to keep a stiff upper lip and not be too disappointed. Coop insisted I go, but w/money matters, his trips, etc. and all considered, think it best I stayed here. Shall still phone you either Sun. or Mon. nite and but this on record to talk w/Edith, George and Alice. Not to the Suhls. Paying almost $10 in wires plus sending Helen $25 to help pay for gasoline down there and back. Feel I (WE) have done our bit for the Suhls to get home to see you folks. Will take a stiff upper lipe [lip].

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Sis to keep peace in the family, but know you can do it for a few days. They will probably spend most of the time w/Medowlark, etc. anyway. Helen said they could olny [only] be home a few days at best...but the fact they are going to make it for the 50th is sumpin'. Coop still has my name in for "space available" on boat or plane at any time between now and Nov., so may make it home yet; that will be just to Seattle, and then chair car for L.A.

Anyway, Helen and Roy were to leave today or Wed. and will probably be home by the time this letter arrives, so don't let them read it. After the ltter [letter] I wrote giving them both a good piece of OUR minds, don't, suppose they were just as glad I sent the money and didn't join them.

Am sending you $20 Alice to help pay for the folks celebration, so cash it at once and USE it, And probably won't send any gifts to you Mom n' Pop, but let the money sent Helen and Alice and our phone call to you act as gifts, if you don't mind, tho would like to do so much mor[e].

Been having 70 degree wea. here again and, of course, tha[t] is HOT for us to return to the states and have 100 degrees again will be sumpin: Even Muffin seeks the shade of our two little birch trees when we are out working in the yard. The old Nasturish are really big now, and blooming like mad, only flowers I have blooming.

Love n' kisses,

THE Coopers n' Muf

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