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Anorexia or want of Appetite
See Appetite Canine

This is a Sickness or Sensation of a Load at the Stomach Usually attended
with Erruptions; and sometimes with a Fever.
Regimen If Glutony is the Cause Tea, Sage Ditto, Aq. Hord. Water Gruel
Panada's &c are Proper. in other causes Sack Whey, White Wine and
water Panada with Wine but much Wine and Flesh is improper.

Cure Bleed if there is a plethora the next Day give an Emet. Ipecac. and work
it off with Carduus Tea or Aq. Hord. If the Erruptions keep in give
Cardiacs Perspiratives and Sudorifics

Rx. Rad. Contray. Chele. Canc. C. aa dr. ss Croci Gr. xij. Cochin.
gr. vj. Chart. iij. Sumat. unam quinta quaqua hora cum Julapii
Rx. Aq. ceras. nig. oz. vj. theriacal oz. iij. Syr Croci oz. j. Spt Nit d. dr. ij.
Rx. Spt lav. C. Sal. Volat. oleos. aa dr. ij. gut. 40 - 50.

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