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Ung. Mercurial
Liniment. Mercuri.
Empl. Epipastic.
Rx Merc. Sublimat.
Corros. dr. j. Alum
dr. ij. Sal. Prunel oz. ss
Aq. Calcis lb. ss. M.

Internally Flor. Sulphurus
in Sacch. Spum.

Kings Evil

Aq. Marine Ethiop.
Min. Merc. dulc. Sal.
diuret. Vitrioled Tart.
ethioptic Pills, Golden
Sulph è Antimo. Medicinal
Regulus of Antim
Camph. Aq. Calc. Decoct
of the Woods, burnt Sponge
Pulv. Anti Strumas.
Bals. Guaiacum Tar
water Tar Pills. Or take
every Night a Dose of
the 2d Mercurial pills

Pulv Anti Struma
Rx burnt Sponge s. j. Nit. Coralline
Sacch. alb. aa X. grains pro dosi
una. give such a dose twice
in a Day in Vitrium iij è aq.
casteis minor
if ye Pat is emaciated mix the powder
with some Milk.


When a Quinzey affects the
internal Muscles of the
Larynx and there is no outward
redness about any Part
of the Neck but a Burning
Pain inwardly a Loss of
Voice and great Difficulty
of Breathing; it often kills
in 24 hours this is called
See Quinzey & Angina

or Canker called Carcino

Rx. Divels bit Meadow
plantain Gold thread
Wood & Common Sorrel
Coq. in aq. Font. q. s.
Colat. dulcify cum Mellis

Cort. peruv. oz. j Coque
in Aq. Font Till 1/2 is
Consumed add Bol. Ammoniac
dr. j. Sal prunel
dr. ij. Allumen 15 vel 20 g
Bottle it & Exhibit
Thea Coch. pro dosib.
Keep the Body open
with Sene or some
Cooling purge
Empl. derain. cum
Mercurio. apply Externally.
& put some of it
into the throat with
a Feather. from [Wast?]
Almanack for 1776

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