(seq. 156)




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Small Pox

Smelling Disordred

Marjoram, Pulegii.
Anthos. Bals. Marjoram
is good to Anoint the
Vapours of Gm Animi
Amber &c are good

Remedies against the Catarrh
are proper.


Sneezing to Prevent

Lac. Vaccin Calid.
should be often snuffed
up the Nose till it Ceases

Sneezing to promote

Rx. Marjoram, Marum
Syracum. Flor. Benzoin
Ras. Lignum Aloes
Lilly of the Valley Amber
Grease m. f. pulvis
or. Sal. Ammoneac Vol.
cum Marjoram.

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