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This is a Quinzey
seated in the Internal
Muscles of the Pharynx
See Angina.

Tasting impaired

The Causes of this are
Cure If there is a bitter
taste in the Mouth which
denotes there is a plenty of
Bile in the stomach
Febrifuges, Emetics, Catharts
Acids &c are proper.
In a Nidorous Taste arising from
Putrid Humours Use Citron
Juice and other Acids with
A Salt Taste is cured with
Water as aq. Min. & Calcis
An acid Taste is cured by
Absorbents, alcalious Salts,
Medicinal Earths and Absorbents
If the Sense is Impaired
Chew Rad. Rephan. & use
the Nervine Medicines
If ye Patient is old the Defect
of Tasting is hard to Cure

Teeth Breeding of
See Dentition

Sweating is proper
when a person has [?] the
Infection of a Disease and
in Diseases of the Skin as
Schieß, Herpes, leprosy
Ven. Pustules & Ulcers
in the Cold Scurvy, fixed
Arthritis Hip. Gout &
Palsy. also in Tertian
und Quartan Agues.

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