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When ye Uterus is
falling down it
denotes the Fluor
When 'tis Relaxed
or the Ligaments are
Relaxed it Denotes
the Fluor alb. also
When it runs
purulent Matter
it Denotes an Ulcer
of the Uterus
When tis Relaxed
and there is a Coldness
and with an Insensibility
it denotes
a Gangrene.
When there is a
Sense of a Weight
it Denotes a Mole

Warts Common

Succ. Sylv. vel
Common Celandine
Marygold leaves
Spurges Pursalin
Bacon raw Beef
Any of these rubbed
thereon and
then Consumed with
Fire will Often
work the Cure
Red Cows Urine
White Oak Stump
Vit. Roman.
Spt. Vit.
or they may be
touched with
a Red hot Iron

& Veneral

Ung. Merc.
Decoct. Wood.
or a Salivation
See Lues Venera


A Watching is a Sign
of a Malignant Fever
Hydrophobia, Madness, Melancholy.
Plague. Cancer
in the Uterus, Coma Vigil.
especially if it is Constant

An Immoderate Watching
is a Sign of a Continual
Fever & of a Peripneumony
See Sleep to procure

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