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A Journ [corner of page missing]
beginning Domini [corner of page missing]
quo in Collegium Harvardi [corner of page missing]
On Tuesday July 17th. Set out for Cam[bridge?]
arrived Wednesday morning was present
at Commencement; In the transactions
of which I (poor as I am) expect to bear a
feeble part. On Friday 20th was
examined for admission in Tully, Virgil
& Greek Testament. in Virgil , construed the
743 & 744 lines of [?] in Book [? ]. In Tully passages [?] 6th Section of the
first oration against Catiline part of 7th sentence
from the beginning of it. In the Greek
Testament 4th verse of the 17th Chapter of John's
Gospel. Came after the Vacation 28th of August Sept.
Recited the first fortnight in Greek Hebrew
& English. 2d. in Latin Hebrew & English 3.
as the first. 4th as the 2nd. Antiquum a dificium
Aula - Stoughtonia dictum vendebatur in vaca-
tione autumnali; Jovis Die octogesima
Octobris 23 post meridium. a Domino Gannet
Collegii dispensatore emptum pretrio li-
brarum octoginta quatuor. Mercurii
Die Octobris 23 ad Bostoniam ibam [?] cum Domi-
na Bowman, profectur ad amitam Boyd, accipi
cuam literari; relictur a Domina Bowman
cogevar domum peder venire caelo pluente,
vel per imbrem nocte ejusdam dici vehemen-
ter pluit, vento qua[?] violento.

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