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like to visit our friend in Berkshire.

Afternoon. We have just returned from Presbyterian
Meeting, across the road from us, where we have heard most
an excellent sermon from Mr.Abbott their pastor, on "If any
man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of His."

As regard these extra happenings and going to
New Rochelle & I don't think and don't know, I do not wish
to hear any more of them in this offish way. If you
have any thing to say, say it, or if you anything express it
in plain English so that I may no longer be left in un-
certainty, with respect to matters and things. Now to
more important business. I do not wish you to say I
am foolish before you read all I have to say. I have
been away the silk worm people now for two months, &
heard a great deal said on the subject, but have not
suffered my feelings to become enlisted till within a few
days. I have thought how nice a business it would be
connected with a school nexr summer, for H. & myself, but
then there are leaves to be furnished for the worms to eat. There
are two species of the mulberry, the black and white which
are found growing in various parts of the country. And
now what I want is for you to look round and see
if there are any black mulberries around there. I can
tell you where there is one tree, it is in John Wilber's yard
of North Easton. I wish our people would take a little pains
to see that tree, and ascertain if there are any around us and let me know it.
The silk worms eggs will probably be very high next spring
as there are so many going into the business, therefore if
I could make sure of leaves, I would purchase the eggs this
fall. I could even get the leaves from Wilbers, as they pick
them and pack them in just before feeding them and so
there might be enough gathered at one time to last a week.
Imagine I can now hear you saying Susan is crazy
but I am not. I have thought well
of it. From ten shillings expended for eggs, and for six
weeks labour, S. Brown'es folks have about a hun-
dred and thirty dollars worth of eggs, the expense of feeding them was
to go to the woods and pick leaves for them. Now is that
for 6 weeks work, more than peddling a quintet of codfish
sitting in the school room from day to day and week to week and
then not earning near that money. Yes it is. And I think we have
room enough in our house to have a family school and
one room devoted to the silk worm business and girls enough
there to take the change of all these things. Whoever teaches school
will have plenty of time to take care of them. Eunice
has raised one lot, and now the eggs which those will
have hatched, and she has bought several thousand
more. About 10 or 1200 hatched this morning they
are about as large as small cheese skippers and [bl ?]. She
thinks strongly of buying more eggs still. Second day, the Post
Master has left this morning for Saratoga so if
you have anything to say to him you had better visit him.
No more at present. Received a paper
this morning which was very pleasing.


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