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Centre Falls. August 11th 1839
First day P.M.

Dear Sister,

I was at Battenville yesterday P.M.
when I received your letter mailed the 5th. Aaron
brought Nancy down Friday P.M. She staid all night.
The next A.M. I came for her, and I went also. Returned
that evening with J. M. Burdick. I saw Maria B. in
the store. She appears about the same as ever. Has been
home one week. They have six more to stay.

Susan I have a little something now to
say which you must not expose. Well to begin, Nancy's
Mr. Eldridge, from Castleton, has made her a visit which
was about a week ago. When she was here she told
me about her calculations, wishes. [L. D.] She said her
anticipations were to be married next month, and if such
were my intentions. She made the proposition that it might
be at the same time. On my part I had no objection.
However we have not determined yet. Supposing any
such thing should happen it would probably be
about the middle of Sept. and you would likely
feel anxious to be at home, but if E wants your
assistance until vacation you had better not think
of coming home until that time. So says our folks.
Again, if what I have said should prove so to be,
you will without a doubt, if nothing happens to prevent,
see us at New Rochelle, in many weeks.

Mother & Father went as far as Greenfield with Uncle B. Read. They called
at the Springs merely had a glimpse at Matty Nan. Mother has had the asthma
quite bad about a week but is now some better. I expect to get E. Norton
next week to make my dress and what other sewing I wish done.

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