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New Rochelle 8 mo 18, 1839

Dear A.
Your salutary though brief communication of the 13. was
received sixth day the 16th while I was at the breakfast
table. I immediately asked to be excused, and took my seat
in the southeast corner of my parlour where I eagerly perused
the content, and found them, though broken yet tinctured
with a kind of happy feeling which I suppose impossible
for me to fully realize, with my present feelings. Though the
letter afforded me pleasure, in the prospect of seeing some
of my very dear friends, and still dearer sister, and - yet
the thought that I must seek them but to part with
them again is painful. I beg of you in all your pro-
ceedings to move as becoming to Christian beings, not merely
making an outside show, but securing that which will
in future time make you feel comfortable and satis-
fied, when taking a retrospective way of the day which
is now anticipated, and which will seal your happiness or
misery (for the time that you both live), in the enjoy-
ment of each other's society. Oh! how pleasant to me to
be at home to assist sister G. P. but still reason says
deny thyself, this inestimable pleasure, for it is good for thee
to learn to practice self denial in all things. My feelings
are inexpressible therefore I will not try to say anymore
in reference to them. Then manner mentioned does not exactly
suit me yet you must act as your conscience and wisdom directs.
In your next I wish you to inform me whether you intend
visiting Phebe, if you do and as there will be so many I think

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