(except instantaneously, and an Instant is a fiction, an _ens rationis_),
but Positions are either vaguely described states of motion of small
range, or else (what is the better view,) are _entia rationis_ (i.e. fictions
recognized to be fictions, and thus no longer fictions) invented
for the purposes of clear descriptions of states of motion; so likewise,
Thought (I am not talking Psychology, but Logic, or the essence of Sem[ei?]
otics) cannot, from the nature of it, be at rest, or be anything but
inferential process; and propositions are either roughly described
states of thought-motion, or are artificial creations intended
to render the description of thought-motion possible; and Names
are creations of a second order in service to render the represen
tation of propositions possible. An Argument may be defined as a
Sign which intends itself to be understood as fulfilling its function,

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