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The goal of the Scalable Peirce Interpretation Network (SPIN) is to develop a model environment for distributed collaboration that can support an international network of researchers, students, and citizen scholars in cooperative efforts to encode and interpret handwritten manuscripts, including those of high complexity. As our testbed, we plan to use the "Logic Notebook" that Charles Sanders Peirce, the founder of Pragmatism, kept as the seedbed and greenhouse for his ideas together with related sets of manuscripts in logic and semiotics. We are treating the pages in the MS 145 folder as a sandbox. Take the platform for a test run and play with the toolset. The enhanced set of LaTeX tools for encoding the algebraic formulas and graphical diagrams have been added, and a set of guidelines for making the encodings is ready to go. Here are links to Transcription Guidelines on the SPIN Project website, digital images of the Manuscripts on our shared Google site and at the Digital Peirce Archives, the Robin Catalogue and the SPIN Omeka Page. We would like to thank the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy (SAAP) for financial support in helping us run this pilot project and Houghton Library at Harvard University for their support of our efforts to make the digital images of the manuscripts freely available online for the first time.


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