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Vegetables Recipe Book

Preparations Boiling Baking Serving
Artichokes Trim the points wash in cold water + vinegar 25m to 1 hour French dressing or on acid sauce
Artichoke Jerusalem wash peel for baking 20 min Baste with Butter Plain or mashed + seasoned
Asparagus Wash Separate Tie in bunches 15-20 min on buttered toast plain or W [White] Sauce
Beans Dry See Recipe 6-8 hrs
Beans Lima Shell + place in cold water 40-60 min Butter cream salt + pepper
Beans String String + cut Place in cold water ½ Hr 45-60 min Heat with butter salt pepper vinegar if liked
Beets Old Wash + cook whole in boiling water 1 - 6 hr Peel slice add butter
Beets Young Same as old beets 30 - 40 min Same as old beets

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