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Preparations Boiling Baking Serving
Beet Tops Wash 1 Hour Serving dip add butter salt + pepper
Brussel Sprouts Pick off poor leaves, Leave in vinegar + water 15 min 20-30 min no sauce serving drain pour cold water over them reheat with butter Salt + pepper
Cabbage Cut out the stalks separate the leaves Boil from 10 to 20 mintes Serve plain or with White Sauce + crumbs or with an acid dressing
Okra Cut off stems Boil 20 to 30 minutes Serve heat Butter salt pepper + vinegar if liked
Old Parsnips Scrape wash + split Boiling 2 Hrs Serving cut in cubes add white sauce or cut in stripes Saute or mash as potatoes
Peas Shell + wash Boil 20 m Serving butter or cream Salt + Pepper
Potatoes Wash + Pare Boil 20 to 30 minutes Bake 30 to 35 minutes See Recipe
Sweet Potato Same as for Irish Potatoes 35 min 1 hour See Recipe
Radishes Wash cut off leaves Boil 30 mins serve them raw in white sauce
Spinach Wash use the tender parts [?] salt 1 Cup W [White Sauce] to 1 pk spinach 10 mins Garnished with [?] eggs
Summer Squash Peel cut in pieces remove seeds 20 minutes in small amount of water Serving mash + add butter salt + pepper

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