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Preparation Boiling Baking Serving
Oyster Plant [Salsify] Scrape + place cut in cold water cut in 2 inch length Boil 1 hr Serve with White Sauce or saute
Squash Winter Cut in pieces remove seeds Boil 30 min in small amount of water skin down Bake 45 min Serve with butter salt + pepper
Carrots old Scrape + lay in cold water 30 to 40 min cut in dice and add White sauce or saute
Carrots young Boiling 20 to 30 min serving with green peas Serving with green Peas
Cauliflower Trim off the leaves soak in vinegar + water [tie?] in a cheese cloth Boiling 30 to 40 min Serve with butter or with W [White] sauce Cheese + crumbs
Celery Scrape + cut an inch length Boiling 20 to 30 mins Serve scalloped with white sauce cheese + crumbs
Celery Root Wash cut off the leaves + cut in qt [quarters] Boil 10 min Simmer in W [White] Sauce for 30 min before serving
Corn Husk remove silk for bake Boil 17 min for baking tie the husks down to small end Serve on the cob or cut off and heat in milk butter salt pepper

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