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Glazed Sweet Potatoes
One Sweet Potato ½ cup teasp butter 1 teasp
of sugar Wash pare + rinse S potatoes
cut in ½ length-wise + cook in boiling
salted water until tender Remove from
water until tender place on a buttered
baking sheet Spread with butter
Sprinkle sugar Brown in the oven
Creamed White Potatoes
One medium sized potato ½ cup of
White Sauce (any method) wash + peel
cut in dice cook in boiling salted water
until tender when done drain off the water
dry over heat cover with W sauce + serve
Buttered Parnsips
One medium sized Parsnip 1 tbsp
Butter ⅛ teasp salt Wash + scrape
parsnip cut into quarters length-wise +
remove the woody center cook in boiling
water until tender drain, salt + serve

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