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San Timatio Nov 7th 1858

Hon J J Kindrick

I have been induced from several considerations to address you a few lines relative to the affairs of the Indians and their allies here and in the City of San Bernardino and Juan Antonia the Chief. Soon after you left here became very sulkey and insolent and Swore that he would not hear to your council as agent and have nothing to do with you, or those whom you know or might appoint to aid you, whom absent yourself, Mr D. G. Weaver and other persons friends of yours and theirs whom any thing went rong [wrong] would attempt to counsil, and give them good advice such as you would have given in person or approved had you been present, but what has been their conduct, when good advice were given, they became Saucy and insolent, and when good council were given, they call them the dogs and tools of the people and used insulting and approbious epithets, it was under this excited and general hostile state of feeling that Juan Antonia the chief threw off the mask of his long smuthered [smothered] and concaled [concealed] feelings and showed his real true character, whom then and there he renounced all legiance to your authority, as Indian agent, and swore that he would not meet you, or be counciled by you, and I understand that he did meet you according to agreement but went to Cabason Valley and there sowed and Barley. I also understand that a number of the Indians have been East of here putting in grain &c. Juan Antonia has returned to attend a feast now in progress here. Many

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