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Many of the Indians appear to be in a quandary what to do, whether to remain or to leave. I have strong reason to believe that your presence and council would tend greatly in facilitating their speedy removal.

The Indians should they remain I am credibly informed will be deprived of all or very nearly all the water above them, tho farmers above them have determined to go more largely into the farming opperations which they say will exaust all the water.

I have been informd that the Road Commissioners have determined to run the road straight if so in this case it will pass through their fields, and a number of their furas [furrows] and patches, and council from to the Indians directing them when making their furas and patches to leave the tract for the road unincumbered, will be of great importance if not indispensible.

The Indians are more saucy and insolent and indolent I believe than I have ever known them. They seem to be holly [wholly] given up to drunkeness and debauchery their present means subsistence are nearly exausted from riotous living and soon tho most of them I suppose will return to their old trade, begging, strolling about, and stealing. In answer to the abatement of these evils, you might say, execute, enforce the law, but the law in the Indians case and all scoundrels connected with them, Is a dead letter and it is powerless. The circomstances which surround has disarmed the law, and we had as well be said to be without law. Those interested & affiliated with

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