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I submit a calculation of the cost of board for [illegible]
a square section of land 51200 feet boards at 40$ price
delivered at Tehama the present market price there, such large
quantity might be bought for a little less, but at $40
the lumber would cost 2048 dollars, it would also require 1280
posts 6½ feet long 6 by 4 inches thick 13 feet in a post making
16640 feet, half of the posts might be got on the reservation
which would leave say 8000 feet to be purchased costing three
hundred and twenty dollars which added to 2048 Dollars
making the sum total 2368 Dollars for lumber at Tehama on
The hauling the Sacramento River distant 20 miles from
the Reservation, The hauling could and should be done by the
Reservation Teams and Indians without cost, but importantly
there are no waggons, three were turned over to me by Agent
Geiger but they are so thoroughly worn out as to be totally
unfit even for repairs new ones must be purchased if the
department determines to make these essential improvements
and if not then this Reservation had better be abandoned
and I should recommend were it not for the
pity I have for these poor miserable creatures collected about
the place most of whom are old and decrepit women and
children having become accustomed to being fed it would be
hard for them to be driven to their former mode of living.
Should the department approve of the plan suggested by
me money should be immediately remitted for the purpose

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