Status: Needs Review

them doubley embit-
tered more positively
hostile [military?] operations
one [?] I am anxious
to be [in?] as possible

Themwhat out of
place [made?] an official
visit [?] as I have been
requested [ely?] with the Pre-
postment [?] these sugges-
tions [of?] knowledge, and
through [outment?] may gather
some [?] my policy in
this [?]

Of [nothing?] of the con-
dition [cevatives?] until
I have [?] I make any
estimate than for salaries
for [?] these should
also [?] but I can set
no [?] tell how many
indian [?] the year

[?] Respectfully
Your Obt Sevt
Austin Wiley

To Hon
Acti [?] Affs. Cal.

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It appears as if the scan was faulty or incomplete of this page of the letter...