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is no personal property on the Reservation, aside from the stock, of much value except that purchased by him, and I shall expend all such as is worthless in my reports during the year. I found the crops in excellent condition with a fine prospect for an abundant yield; enough indeed, to feed all the Indians there or that may come there, for the next twelve months. My only fear is that we may not be able to save it all, but I made the best arrangements I could by purchasing lumber and employing men to build graneries to do so. I found the stock all in good condition, but the mules and horses, except a few of the latter are old and worthless. The Cattle and hogs are in good condition but much scattered. I have no knowledge as to the correctness of the number for which I receipted, but was governed, as I could only be by Mr Steele's receipt less the expenditure. It shall be my first care, when the harvest fields are cleaned to get what can be found and ascertain as nearly as possible what the Government owns.

The Indians there are all in Excellent condition and spirits. There is plenty of Corn and grain to feed the Squaws and children till the Crops are gathered. The field-hands, of which we can turn and

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