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At a Vestry held for Henrico parish the twenty Seventh
of September in the year of Our Lord One thousand Seven hun[dred]
and thirty One

Joseph Royal Churchwarden, Francis Eppes, John Redford, Bowler Cocke, [Edw?]
Booker, James Powel Cocke, & John Worsham.

Joseph Mayo and William Worsham Gentlemen take the Oath of Vestrymen for the

Present Joseph Mayo and William Worsham Gent.

Pursuant to an Act of Assembly of this Colony directing due manner of processioning
of Lands &c the following precincts are lay'd out and directed to be processioned for the
parish aforesaid viz. the Northside lower precinct from Turkey Island Creek up to four
Mile Creek between White Oak Swamp and the River and that part of this parish for
the Lower line between White Oak and Chiquohomony as high as Thomas Mathews

Present the Reverend James Keith
Joseph Pleasants and Stephen Woodson are appointed to See the processioning made [in the?]
lower precinct on the Northside between the River and Swamp and John Cocke and Tho
Watkins in the precinct back between the two Swamps and Four Mile Creek.

From Four Mile Creek to the River at the Mouth of Fields Creek all within the Main [Road?]
to the River John Redford and Benjamin Burton are appointed to see processioned
From Four Mile Creek Bridge above the Said Creek crossing Northerly as the said Creek
tendeth to the head and thence Out to Thomas Mathews' thence up Chiquohomony
Swamp to upland brook bridge, thence as the road tendeth to Rockets, thence to the
Mouth of Fields Creek, thence to the place began at, by Joell Walker and James Lock[?]
to be processioned

From upland brook bridge up the branch to the head, thence to John Walford's on Do.
thence down the Said River to Tuckahoe Creek, thence as the Said Creek [toward?]
the River, thence down the River to Rockets to be processioned by John Price and [illegible]

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processioning: a required on the ground examination of property boundaries required every four years.