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First Name Middle Name Last Name Alias Registration number Date of registration Age Gender Color Height- Feet Height - Inches Physical description Free status Where emancipated Who emancipated Previous place of registration Date of birth Place of birth Name of mother Additional information
Mary King 520 1825-05-09 21 Black 5 0.5 A phlegm over the left eye & a scar upon the left arm born free/free born
Jane Abba 521 1825-05-09 40 Female Ligt Brown 5 0.5 A mole upon the left side of her nose and a scar over her left eye emancipated Henry Featherstone Sr.
George Banks 522 1825-05-09 23 Mulatto 5 9.75 A scar under the right eye emancipated by will Alex Banks
Lucy Abba 523 1825-05-09 48 Female Black 5 5 Some white spots upon her neck emancipated H. Featherstone Sr.
Anna Abba 524 1825-05-09 16 Female Black 5 3.375 A large scar upon the back of her right hand and the little finger of the same hand contracted born free/free born
Richard Abba 525 1825-05-09 20 Black 5 6.875 A scar upon the left wrist & knee and upon the inside of the left leg born free/free born
Spencer Abba 526 1825-05-10 18 Black 5 6.75 No apparent mark or scar born free/free born
John Abba 527 1825-06-13 56 Male Dark Brown 5 8.625 one of his front upper teeth missing emancipated Henry Featherstone
Joseph Woodman 528 1825-07-11 26 Male Dark Brown 5 2.375 The left leg contracted from the rheumatism which causes him to walk lame born free/free born
James Platcher 529 1825-08-08 60 Male Brown 5 8.75 A scar on his left elbow emancipated by decree obtained his freedom by a Judgment of the Richmond District Court
Frankey Morris 530 1825-08-08 28 Brown 5 1.75 No scar born free/free born
Thomas Anderson 531 1825-11-14 26 Male Yellow 5 5.625 A scar over his left eye and one on his throat emancipated by will Jordan Anderson deceased
James Washington Sims 532 1825-12-12 21 Male Yellow 5 8 A small scar on the left side of his breast born free/free born

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