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First Name Middle Name Last Name Alias Registration number Date of registration Age Gender Color Height- Feet Height - Inches Physical description Free status Where emancipated Who emancipated Previous place of registration Date of birth Place of birth Name of mother Additional information
Richard Moss 507 1824-05-14 21 Male Mulatto 5 5.5 a mole on the left side of his neck and a scar on his right shoulder born free/free born
Anthony Mayo 508 1824-05-14 24 Black 5 5.25 The little finger and the one next to it on the left hand broke born free/free born
Katy Marton 509 1824-05-14 35 Female Light Brown 5 6.125 A scar upon her forehead, one at the corner of her left eye and one on her right hand born free/free born
Archer Stewart 510 1824-07-12 33 Yellow 5 9.5 a small scar on the upper part of the right hand and one on the inner side of the wrist born free/free born
Peggy Aba 511 1824-07-12 35 Brown 4 11.375 a scar on each arm and one in the forehead born free/free born
James Gibbs 512 1824-08-13 46 Male Mulatto 5 6 a small scar on each of his arms and his right eye out born free/free born
Sarah Jesper 513 1824-11-10 23 Female Mulatto 5 3.5 a little mole a little below the left side of her nose born free/free born
William Valentine 514 1824-12-13 39 Male Mulatto 5 11.125 Has several scars on his face and one in particular on his nose & several on right arm the on his left hand contracted born free/free born
John Brown Edwards 515 1825-03-14 28 Male Yellow 5 9.75 A scar on the end of his chin and one on the end of his middle finger of the left hand born free/free born
John Jasper 516 1825-03-14 25 Bright mulatto 5 8.375 No apparent mark or scar born free/free born
Peter Jenkins 517 1825-03-14 24 Mulatto 5 8.75 A scar on the fore ginger of the left hand born free/free born
Adele Bell 518 1825-04-14 25 Female Bright Mulatto 5 7.625 A scar on the right side of her face & one under her chin emancipated George McCredie
Betsey McCredie 519 1825-04-14 32 Mulatto 5 6.375 No apparent mark or scar born free/free born

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