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Locality Donor
Marquetle, Mich (called Specular?) M. H Maynard - Adams Coll. {gave O.N. 950, 952, 951, 953 954
Salisbury, Conn Mr. ^ C. B. (Charles Baker) Adams
? N. H. Mr. Adams
Brandon, Vt. Mr. Adams
Chittendon, Vt. " " ?
fine crystals " " ?
Port Henry, N.Y. (Bonanza) Mr. George K. Sherman
? (Hexagonal - rombohedrons ) Bed Adams [PA?] Collection
Gouverneur, N.Y.
Marquette, Mich. Mr. Adams
Monkton, Vt. Mr. Adams
Marquette, Mich. Mr. Adams
? N.H. Mr. Adams
Mr. Adams
Mineville, N.Y. (Geol 31.1 Field Trip) - Gift from Mine Supt. Blumstrom see April 1940
Mineville, N.Y. - Mr. Adams witherbee-Sherman
Chester, Vt. - Old Talc Quarry [?] SW Chester Depot Vt. Mr. ^ C.B. Adams + (20a 1932? B. M. Schmidt
Russia, N.Y. Ishpeming Mich (Mr. Adams) B. M. Schmidt
Elba, N.Y. Mr Adams

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