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C24a Magnetite boulder - Adiron dack (may contain some Ilmenite and feldspar (
C24 Magnetite Iron Ore ON 1506
C25 Ore Cindered [toasted?] + mixed with Coke? for "open hearth" {Cleveland, Ohio Buffalo, N.Y.
C26 Limestone - Flux (C26a Manganese Slag) Flux
C27 Pig Iron from Blast
C28 Slag (waste) from Blast
C29 Hematite ON 1607
C30 Hematite Specular ON 1001
C31 (C31a - - old number 835 - 2 specs. Hemotite micaceous micaceous ON 1508
C32 Clinton Ore - Sil. self-fluxing ooliticc ore Fe203 + calcite + clay ON 1504
C33 Magnetite {1 - large 2 crystals Octahedral ON 1066
C34 Limonite - fibrous (vax. Goethite) ON 596
C34a-b (a) " var. geodic - [chapeau de Fer?] (in France) [ZEisen Hut?] (in Germany) (b) similar
C35 Limonite Bog Ore - Leaves ON 1604
C36 Magnetite Dust? + Sand - with garnets
C37 Natural Lode Stone ON 1507
C38 Magnetite Lode Stone ON 1605
C39 Pyrrhotite (with Pentoandite) + quartz ON 1510
C41 Niccolite niccolite niccolite. {NIAs?] ON 1509
C42 and C42a Pyrrhotite Pyrite Pyritohedrons O.N. 699
C43 Pyrites (cubic crystals changing to limonite) ON 651
C44 Pyrites Cubes, I. (100) (ON 1508)
C45 Pyrites Massive ON 646

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