Letter from Harry Massey to Barbara Massey


Letter written by Harry Massey from the No. 6 Palestine company at the Bluffs to Barbara Massey.

This is a scanned version of the original image in Special Collections and Archives at Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vt.


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Letter No 49 Tuesday 10June Major J. H. Massey 6 Palestinian Cay, The Buffs Middle East Force.

My own lovely darling - I was just going to bed but I have a feeling of busy days ahead & so I am writing this now. Im a lot sleepy having gone to bed about 1-0 this morning having been finishing a letter to you then was up again at 1-15! [?] [?] [?] which lasted until 5-30. So I had 2 1/2 hours sleep in two instalments. 11 is the most [?] I have been in complete with [?] up A.A. [?] since we were together at Stauntan in September. But this time, I only had Peter to comfort - he was very frightened, poor little chap & held tight on to me & put his face in my bosom, very like you, my darling.

Sweetest - Noss Mayo, Plymouth - how far from Plymouth is the cottage? I was reading in a magazine this evening that Plymouth is the worst bombed place in Gt. Britain. If it is near, it is not safe for you - & if it is somewhere near, it is going to be worrying & noisy. Maybe that is the reason why you were able to get a house there. But you must have considered all these things - but I hope it is alright. Please let me know darling - by post card - don't forget please. I have not received the

[page break] linen watch strap you said you had sent me. And the very day before your letter came, I bought a stainless steel expanding one, for 10/-- very extravagant. But I had had two linen ones here & they became so sweaty & dirty when washed a time or two, became worn out. But yours will probably be a better one - & I will take off the steel one & wear yours, because it is yours & you have sent it to me. This Syrian business, my darling, I hope you are not feeling worried about me as I'm sure all will go well, it will have the effect of taking the war further away, keeping it from this country. So please think of me as being quite safe.

There is no further word from you yet my sweetheart, about yourself or the baby - & I am longing to have more news & am thinking of you all the time. One thing darling, I mentioned in my last letter, but this will reach you first - please have him circumcised, as I am sure that this is better. But you have probably done this already. I am dying to hear from you my darling - how you are how you

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feel - & how the baby is & looks & behaves. There is so much I want to know - & I suppose it will be 5-6 weeks until I have your first letter. But p.c.s. will be welcomed just the same. I am in the throw of a busy occupied, but dull & uneventful life - not a life at all really - just waiting for when I come back to you. I think I tell you all that happens to me & all I do - except what is not worth repeating - & what would upset the censor & hope you do not think I am not making enough of being out here - but really, I am so vary tied to work. Every day there is osmething important happening or about to happen, & it seems impossible to ever to be away. But I must have another week end soon - & so relax & see some more of the country. But it is hopeless at the present time. Please be sure & send me two pcs a week & one long letter all about you. Word & news from you is the center & the whole surroundings of my life - all my thoughts are directly & indirectly of & about you. All my dearest love always - Your Harry XXXXXXX

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