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feel - & how the baby is & looks & behaves. There is so much I want to know - & I suppose it will be 5-6 weeks until I have your first letter. But p.c.s. will be welcomed just the same. I am in the throw of a busy occupied, but dull & uneventful life - not a life at all really - just waiting for when I come back to you. I think I tell you all that happens to me & all I do - except what is not worth repeating - & what would upset the censor & hope you do not think I am not making enough of being out here - but really, I am so vary tied to work. Every day there is osmething important happening or about to happen, & it seems impossible to ever to be away. But I must have another week end soon - & so relax & see some more of the country. But it is hopeless at the present time. Please be sure & send me two pcs a week & one long letter all about you. Word & news from you is the center & the whole surroundings of my life - all my thoughts are directly & indirectly of & about you. All my dearest love always - Your Harry XXXXXXX

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Air Mail Letter Card
Mrs. H. Massey
Pillary Hill
Ness Mayho
GT. Britain

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