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have to rule the quarrels & differences of the world.
It seems to me wrong that a Peace Treaty should
aim to give countries strategic frontiers & bases to
go on. The means to make war should be
removed & the league should have inspecting
officers going round every country to see that no one
is doing any quiet building or preparing.

The main points are that Germany msut be punished
& made to suffer - but she must also be lead
into right ways - & armies must be done
away, with except for policing purposes. Apart,
entirely, from an other consideration, war is so
ridicuous & rubbish. And yet we glorify it in
certain ways. Before the war, an officer is a rather
special person - a Colonel commanding a battalion
was incomparably more important & higher in the
social scale than me commanding W. North
& Co - or your father commanding Peter
Robinson 2rd. But that is also going into the
depths of class distinction - which is not exactly within
the scope of this letter - though it probably has an
exceedingly important bearing on the whole affair.

And about religion - I should very much like to
read "God in relation to the world was" - I
hope you have been able to get a copy to send to
me. I agree that the present form is badly out
of date - & worse than that are most of the
silly & foolish fatuous parsons who try to put it
over. But I do think that religion has a

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