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her Neutrality Act. This really does seem to be a
momentuous happening - things are much more
cheerful & I am thinking continuously of a return
home to you.

The Coy car driver, Private Laba, a Jew born in
Russia & told me today that he came from
Antwerp. An enormous wave of longing for you
enveloped me immediately when I thought of
our day there & Brussels, our honeymoon. Ah
darling - what a lovely time this was. And
naturally, the subject of honeymoon made me
think of our next honeymoon, which will be
when we meet again. It really makes me
feel quite faint to think of being with you
again & sitting beside you in a train or a
car, on our way to some place to stay.
It is like a vision of heaven. I shall
hold your hand or your arm from the moment
I meet you & never leave go, Sweetheart.
The weather is now cold again & so my [?}
is up & so Peter is on my bed - he's there
now, & stays there all night. It is a dear dog & God
knows what I should do without him.

love & kisses to Maxie & all my dearest
deepest love to you Barbara darling XXX
XX Harry XX

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