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another thing not to worry about. The pipe has not been
so successfyl, but that is not really my fault after
about a week, I started earache, and kind of neuralgia on
the left side of my face. So I went to the M.O. He
syringed the ear out - and then sait I should have
my teeth xrayed. So I said I had heard that one
before, and declined. I stopped smoking my pipe, and all
the trouble stopped too. So it just seems that my teeth
are not strong enough to hold a pipe, which is
rather a shame. But I never could smoke on the
right side, and ont he left side is my bridge tooth.
It's now 12-0 - and I must go to bed. I do hope there
is a letter from you tomorrow - Monday was my lucky
day for some time.

This house has a pleasant little garden - and I am
able to gather flowers every few days, which I have in
front of photographs. White roses, and sweet william,
and some other pretty coloured small flowers. I look
and look at your pictures so much and so often, darling
mine. And always I come to the same conclusion,
that you are very lovely to look at, and I know
you are very sweet and wonderful - and that i love
you terribly much, and miss you painfully and more than
I can say. And the only things I want are for you
to be happy, and for me to come back to you soon.
all my love to you sweetestheart - and to the baby.
Always and forever your own Harry. always xxxxxx

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