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Is this Utopia? I do not think so I think it is quite
capable of acheivement in a country which is run entirely
+ solely for the benefit of its people.

But it will be a hard fight. The first necessity is to
get a good strong Socialist government into power- +
that should be the easiest part of it of they will
fit themselves out with a strong + sensible policy +
go hard for it. Once in power, they must go ahead
with carrying our their policy + so well disciplined
among themselves. And about the first thing to do wil
be to do away with the ridiculous house of

But, I think this is about enough of politics for one
letter- if I go on like thos very much longer you
will have to stop + pinch yourself + ask yourself
whether you are reading a letter from your
adoring + admiring husband or this week's New Statesman.

But it all began by me talking about our house, in
answer to your letter.

And darling one, the letter came again today - the
letter writing applications for posting home on
compassionate grounds. And so I am off again - I
shall send the previous correspondence, & Hughes'
certificate again. & just a new short letter to tell
about the first boy. & my worreis about your worries,
& my longing to see Max. And then I shall
send another letter asking for an interview with
the Area Commander to see if I can possibly
get his support. And the answer should be back
by about the middle of June, which I will cable

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